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The DCM team has pulled together a range of presentations, research, nickable charts, sizzles and pdfs to help you navigate all the latest insight, film knowledge, cinema updates and audience data at our disposal. Please contact us at or speak to your DCM rep if there’s anything else you’d like us to share!

Cinema Forecasts

DCM's latest admissions forecasts.

Download (updated 4/03/2021):

Cinema Update

The ‘Cinema Update’ toolkit contains information on:

  • The 2021 film slate
  • The cinema audience
  • Cinema forecasts for 2021

Download (updated 29/03/2021):

Film Slates

A look ahead to the pipeline of films that will only be available on the big screen in 2021.

Download (updated 20/01/2021):

DCM Film Sizzles

Our film sizzles preview the best quality content only available in cinemas. The latest ‘Love Cinema’ sizzle highlights what we have to look forward to in 2020 since the cinemas reopened in July.

Download (updated 29/09/2020):


The ‘Accountability’ presentation contains information on:

  • Why cinema delivers a trustworthy AV experience for brands
  • How we collect, verify and report admissions
  • Independent audits and audience presence during the preshow

Download (updated 29/09/2020):


The ‘Audiences’ presentation contains information on:

  • Profile of cinemagoers and specific exhibitor snapshots
  • Trends in 16-34 cinemagoing
  • When do people go to the cinema? – by weekday, month and audience

Download (updated 29/09/2020):


The ‘Trust’ toolkit contains information on: 

  • The challenge facing brands in terms of public trust in advertising
  • Why trust is crucial for brand growth
  • How cinema advertising can help establish/grow brand trust

Download (updated 29/09/2020):

Mission 16-34: Launch, Land, Impact

The Mission 16-34 research is the fourth edition in DCM's industry leading Building Box Office Brands series. The Mission 16-34 presentations contain information on:

  • Research focusing on the key 16-34 demographic and their AV consumption
  • Highlights cinema’s strength at launching campaigns, landing messages and having a positive brand impact
  • Insight is also available for other demographics including 16-24s, ABC1 and AB adults and 16-34s by gender

Building Box Office Brands – Reports

The ‘Building Box Office Brands’ publications give you the full story:

  • Vol I: Cinema’s unique role in the media mix
  • Vol II: Proving cinema’s value to brand-building and ROI
  • Vol III: Proving cinema’s unique value as part of an AV schedule
  • Fast Facts showcases key highlights from across all 3 publications

Download (updated 29/09/2020):

Building Box Office Brands – Presentations

The ‘Building Box Office Brands’ presentations highlight the key elements from the series:

  • Receptivity: How cinema audiences are receptive to advertising
  • Impact: The significant impact cinema delivers on key brand metrics
  • Memorability: Cinema adstocks vs. other media, by sector
  • Return On Investment: Cinema ROI vs. other media, by sector

Cinema Marketplace

The ‘Cinema Marketplace’ presentation contains information on:

  • Historic admissions and box office charts
  • DCM cinema portfolio by exhibitor
  • Updates on new sites and screens coming to DCM

Download (updated 29/09/2020):

DCM Independent Cinemas

The ‘DCM Independent Cinemas’ presentation contains information on:

  • DCM’s independent cinema portfolio
  • Independent cinemagoer audience snapshot
  • Independent cinema campaign case studies

Download (updated 29/09/2020):

How to Buy Cinema

The ‘How To Buy Cinema’ toolkit contains information on: 

  • Planning
  • The ad reel structure
  • Premium positions
  • Buying routes
  • Re-targeting

Download (updated 29/09/2020):


The ‘Cinemapper’ presentation contains information on:

  • What is DCM’s proximity planning tool Cinemapper?
  • How does Cinemapper work?
  • Case studies from brands who have planned using Cinemapper

Download (updated 29/09/2020):

Top Advertisers

The ‘Top Advertisers’ presentation contains information on:

  • Top 10 cinema advertisers (2019)
  • Top 10 cinema spending categories (2019)
  • Top 10 spenders by category (2019)

Download (updated 29/09/2020):