Cinema: The Maximiser

How adding cinema to the AV mix will maximise your campaign

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Cinema Media Showcase

Cinema’s role as a MAXIMISER ensures that brands are getting the most out of their media mix when its included. From reach, to attention, to shared viewing and cultural power – cinema can help brands maximise the impact their campaigns have. This is particularly key at those times brands are starting something new – be that a product, campaign, or message.

This was the theme of the morning at our Upfronts Cinema Media Showcase hosted on 3 July at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square. We were joined by clients from L’Oreal, Sky, Hotpoint for a panel discussion hosted by Craft Media’s Jen Jones. New research conducted by DCM around cinema’s cultural power and its role for brands was also presented by Andrew Tenzer, co-founder of Burst Your Bubble.

    How Cinema Can Help You Maximise Your Campaigns

    Maximise With Cinema

    A selection of key charts demonstrating how cinema can help brands maximise reach, attention, word of mouth and impact

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    Maximise Cultural Power

    The full research deck from DCM and Burst Your Bubble’s new research project

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    Maximise Creativity With Cinema

    Maximise cinema’s creative impact with innovation and partnership ideas

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    Premium Formats

    Maximise cut-through by utilising cinema tech innovation

    Premium Formats Showcase

    Maximise With Cultural Moments in Cinema

    Cinema continues to be home of the greatest stories and an exciting slate over the next 12 months offers brands the chance to maximise by aligning with some of the buzziest cultural moments available in entertainment.