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Why Cinema?

Why Cinema: Building Box Office Brands

Since 2015, DCM has invested in a comprehensive research series – Building Box Office Brands – that is designed to showcase the unique value that cinema can add to AV plans for brands. Working with a range of industry experts, the series provides evidence to why cinema should be on your plans and the positive impact it can have on the metrics that matter to brands.

Explore the key findings of each of the publications and nickable slides below.

Building Box Office Brands

Vol. I

CrossMedia Brand Metrics

The findings from the first edition of Building Box Office Brands, reveal the unique value of cinema media in today’s cross-media landscape. Drawing on the combined learnings of 183 Kantar CrossMedia European case studies, with almost half from the UK, the study explores how each media performs against the five key metrics proven to drive brand value and sales growth: Salience, Love, Consideration, Difference and Recommendation.

Vol. II

Return On Investment

Building Box Office Brands: Volume II, published in conjunction with Benchmarketing, uses a meta-analysis of Benchmarketing’s econometrics databank to investigate the impact cinema has on overall campaign ROI. The analysis looks at the impact cinema can deliver on ROI across sectors including FMCG, retail, telecoms, travel/transport and services.

Vol. III

The AV Mix

Building Box Office Brands: Volume III, created in partnership with Kantar and Benchmarketing, demonstrates the positive contribution cinema delivers when added to an AV plan – the most receptive audiences, unbeatable brand impact (per person reached), increased memorability and long-lasting sales effects.

Vol. IV

Mission 16-34

Mission 16-34: Launch, Land, Impact is the fourth edition of DCM’s industry-leading Building Box Office Brands series. Created in partnership with independent insight and strategy agency Differentology, the study explores the different roles that AV media play in the lives of young people and how cinema helps brands launch and land their messages with impact.

Vol. V

Centre of Attention

Centre of Attention is the fifth edition of DCM’s industry-leading Building Box Office Brands series. Created in partnership with industry-leading attention specialists Lumen, the study explores the importance of attention, showcases why cinema is the attention leader in the AV landscape and the positive impact that this delivers for brands.