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Why Cinema?

Building Box Office Brands: Volume II

Building Box Office Brands: Volume II explores the role of cinema in today’s crossmedia landscape. Drawing on the combined learnings of 228 Millward Brown CrossMedia European case studies, with almost half from the UK, it provides the latest insight on how each medium performs against five key brand-building metrics proven to drive brand value and sales growth. Results reveal another strong performance for cinema, delivering unbeatable contributions per person reached across four of the five metrics.

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Five Key Takeaways - CrossMedia



Achieving this strong salience (awareness) is crucial for brands to ensure they are top of mind when consumers come to make decisions. Cinema, TV and magazines are the best contributors to awareness per person reached. While TV has the benefit of frequency, the results highlight the real value in the quality of exposure. Exposure to the ad on the big screen when the audience is undistracted and engaged helps drive the strongest impact per person reached.



Love is an important ingredient for brands which are looking to grow – when there is often little separating products in a functional sense, a brand that is more lovable is more likely to be chosen. AV channels dominate when brands are looking to make audiences fall in love, with cinema, TV and online video delivering the strongest contributions. The big screen remains the best place for brands to tell their stories, emotionally engage audiences and grow affinity.



Being perceived as unique or setting trends is key to help brands stand out, attract new customers and command better loyalty. Cinema is the number one place to create brand difference, delivering the biggest contribution per person reached. The engaging, comparatively clutter free environment that cinema provides is the perfect blank canvas for brands. It allows them the creative freedom to tell their brand stories, establish a sense of trust and achieve stand out.



Consideration is one of the most crucial steps on the path to purchase. After all, someone can be aware of your brand and still not buy it. Cinema is the most successful medium at driving consideration for brands, with a contribution per person reached almost twice as much as magazines, the next best-performing channel. Cinema is able to offer brands an upmarket, affluent audience in an engaged environment that can help drive consideration further.



Word of mouth is one of the most influential touchpoints in the consumer decision-making process. Consumers are placing increasing value on recommendations from peers and trusted sources. Magazines and cinema provide brands with the biggest contribution to recommendation per person reached. Tapping into the socially-savvy cinema audience is a great way of generating talkability and buzz around a brand.

For Volume II, Digital Cinema Media (DCM) has also partnered with the highly respected econometrics consultancy, Benchmarketing, to understand how cinema delivers return on investment for advertisers. Results highlight how Food FMCG, Telecoms, Travel & Transport and All Services advertisers are currently under investing in cinema and by raising their cinema spend to recommended levels they could see an increase in their overall campaign RROI.

Five key takeaways – Return On Investment



Retail advertisers who are cinema spenders on average are investing at the optimal levels (2.6% share) for driving the strongest campaign ROI.



The optimal share that Food FMCG advertisers should invest into cinema is 6.8% - compared to the current average share of 2.8%. Investing at this higher level would drive optimal returns from the overall ad campaign, delivering £0.50 for every £1 invested.


Travel & Transport

Travel brands should look to increase cinema’s share of the budget to 11%, from their current average share of 4.9%. At the higher share, brands could see a Revenue ROI (at total campaign level) of £2.70 for every £1 - compared to £1.10 when cinema takes a smaller share of the campaign budget.



Telecoms brands should increase their share of investment from 1.8% to 3%, which could deliver a return of £2.90 for every £1 spent


All Services

All Services brands (includes Charity, Entertainment & Leisure, Finance, Retail, Telecoms, Travel) should increase their share of investment in cinema from 1.5% to 2.7% in order to drive the optimal campaign ROI of £3.70 for every £1 spent.


Understanding cinema’s role in the media mix

DCM has partnered with Millward Brown to offer advertisers the chance to have their campaigns analysed using Millward Brown’s CrossMedia methodology and provide a better evaluation of cinema’s role within the wider media multimedia mix. This solution allows advertisers access to trusted and unbiased cross-media measurement that will help them better understand how each channel used is working and how best to optimise their media mix going forward.

For more information and eligibility criteria please download the one page here.

Understanding cinema’s return on investment

For every campaign, DCM can supply a free post-campaign spot report that contains all the granular cinema information that econometric teams need to feed into their model to accurately pinpoint cinema’s ROI. DCM is also looking to commission a handful of econometrics-based test & learn projects in 2017 – whether it be an advertiser looking to test increased investment or a brand new advertiser to the big screen. You don’t need to have an econometric agency already, but if you do, we are happy to work alongside them to measure your campaign.

For more information on the post-campaign spot report and eligibility criteria for the Test & Learn fund please download the one pager here.