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Our Production department offers a high-quality digital cinema adaptation service, converting pre-existing and bespoke commercials to cinema ready SMPTE standard digital cinema packages (DCPs) in a variety of formats

DCM’s Production team works to the highest industry standards and is on hand to guide you through the conversion process.

Once a campaign is booked, our team runs detailed checks at every stage, from receipt of source assets through to the final cinema conversion, which will need to be approved by the creative team before distributing to sites in line with the campaign start date.

DCM runs a hybrid, fully digital Production service. We offer the choice of either an in-person approval screening or a viewing copy created directly from the final cinema conversion with creative teams to play back, review and confirm that the correct assets have been received.

We have upgraded the quality of this viewing copy as standard at no additional cost to clients so that it is much more representative of the final cinema picture quality.

If you have any questions or queries about technical assets or potential deliveries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Copy clearance


Final approval from the Cinema Advertising Association (CAA) is required in order to show an advertisement in cinema. The CAA is the sole clearance body for most commercial advertising in UK cinemas. Ads are cleared in accordance with the requirements of the UK Code of Non-Broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (the CAP Code).

The CAA endeavours to meet a turnaround time of 24 hours on clearance following receipt of payment and content. Clients are encouraged to submit copy as soon as possible and should be factored into your delivery timeline.

The submission process is done digitally via the CAA Website, following the three simple steps below:

  1. Complete online submission form
  2. Make payment to CAA/ensure adequate funds are in your account (£150)*
  3. Upload video file
  4. If required - BBFC public information / campaigning film submission form & payment (see below)

*Charity & public information ads are exempt from this fee.

You will receive a letter from the CAA with details of their decision. 


Some ads may also require certification from the BBFC:

  • Charity & public information ads
  • All ads that promote, or which contain content from films, DVDs, television channels, broadband suppliers and programmes (broadcast or download)

If you are unsure whether your advertisement will require BBFC clearance then please get in contact directly with the BBFC Helpline ( / 02074400299) who will be happy to advise you.

The clearance process takes approximately 48 hours and should again be factored into your delivery timeline.

The submission process is done digitally on the BBFC Website, following the three simple steps below:

  1. Complete online “public information / campaigning film” submission form via your BBFC extranet account
  2. Make payment (approx. £140 dependent on length)
  3. Upload video file

You will receive a letter from the BBFC with details of their decision.

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  • 4K Picture, Immersive Audio

    Across the DCM estate we have a growing number of screens that are 4K projection and Immersive Audio enabled (including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Sony 360 Reality Audio etc), allowing us to expand the most premium format cinema experience in the advertising reel.

    4K screens offer projection at four times the resolution of FullHD TV, enhancing the visual quality of your campaign. Whilst Immersive Audio enables you to develop your campaign with 3D sound technology using overhead speakers. All together this creates a more engaging experience for your audience.

    2K Picture, 5.1 Surround Sound

    DCPs created at DCM are mastered with a minimum 2K picture resolution and 5.1 Digital-Cinema Audio mix as standard, matching the minimal cinematic quality of films and trailers played out across our estate. Creative agencies must supply the visual assets for their campaign as a TIFF Image Sequence at either 24 or 25 frames per second, with the audio mixed at a theatrical studio set up to motion-picture industry standards such as ISO 2969 and ISO 22234. If your creative agency does not have a preferred sound studio which is set up to the recommended industry standards, then we have a list of recommended Sound Studios that we are more than happy to provide.

  • Localised End Frames

    Using DCM's cinema proximity planning tool, you can run national campaigns with a local spin for every region, city, town or cinema across the UK via local end frame messaging. By mapping our cinemas against your retailers and stockists, Localised End Frames have the ability to drive audiences to your product, based on their proximity. Production lead times and costs are dependent on the size of the campaign and DCM’s involvement in creating the End frames.

    If you are interested in adding a bespoke local feel to your cinema campaign, please get in contact with our Sales Team.

  • 4DX - Extreme Cinema

    Providing a revolutionary cinematic experience which stimulates all five senses, 4DX includes high tech motion seats and special elemental effects including wind, fog, lightning, bubbles, water, rain and even scents. These effects work in perfect synchronicity with the action unfolding on screen, creating the most unmissable and exhilarating cinema viewing experience yet.

    Screen X - A 270° Viewing Experience

    Screen X offers brands a 270 degree panoramic canvas with which to grab the attention of the cinema audience. Projecting on to both the standard cinema screen and two side screens, the audience is fully brought into the action. Providing an immersive experience, only available in cinema.

    These cutting edge formats are only available across Cineworld sites.

    If you are interested in giving your campaign this state-of-the-art touch, please get in contact with our DCM Studios Team

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