Sales FAQs

What cinemas are in DCM’s portfolio?

DCM has an 80.1% admissions share of all cinemas across the UK, the main circuits include:

  • Odeon
  • Vue
  • Cineworld
  • Picturehouse Cinemas

and a number of high-quality independent sites.

What is a UKCA cinema?

The UK Cinema Association (UKCA) is the national trade association for cinema operators in the UK. The UKCA represents the interests of over 90% of the UK cinema operators. The UKCA advocates on behalf of the UK cinema sector at international, national, and regional level. It lobbies the Government along with other sectors of the UK film industry, particularly distribution, also working with others within the industry to promote the value of cinema to the public. In addition it provides advice and support to individual members on interpreting and adhering to legislation and regulation, and in dealing with day to day operational issues when appropriate.

Who are the CAA?

The Cinema Advertising Association (CAA) is the trade association of cinema advertising contractors operating in the UK. One of the functions of the CAA is to monitor and maintain standards of advertising exhibition in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The CAA recognises the guidelines for commercial content as outlined in the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (the CAP Code) which is policed by the Advertising Standards Authority, and the Code of Standards for Advertising, Promotional and Direct Marketing in Ireland (the ASAI code).

The CAA maintains a Copy Panel to ensure that all cinema commercials are suitable within the appropriate guidelines.

How long should I allow for copy clearances, and how much does that cost?

CAA & BBFC advise a lead time of 48 hours for clearance, however potentially contentious copy which might require an age restriction is referred to a Friday morning Panel meeting so please bear this in mind if your copy deadline is mid-week, not on a Friday.

Please contact the BBFC directly for their latest rates. CAA clearance costs £125 +VAT.

You can apply for both clearances online here (note you will need to have a BBFC account set up with funds).

What is an AGP?

An Audience Guaranteed Package (AGP) is Cinema’s most popular buying route as it’s the broadest, most cost-effective way of reaching the whole cinema audience in any given campaign period. An AGP will run with all available films showing over your selected dates with guaranteed admissions. AGPs can be bought on a national or regional basis.

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How are admissions tracked?

We receive live exhibitor admissions each morning for the previous 24 hours which are then reconciled against individual campaigns, allowing us to provide regular updates on how a campaign is tracking.

What if a film moves?

There are a number of options should your film move;

  • Campaign moves in line with new release date
  • New and relevant title replaces previous film
  • Admissions are banked for a later date

Do you offer premium positions in the ad-reel alike to TV? First in break, last in break etc.?


Gold Spot: The last 60” commercial message after the trailers and directly before the main feature

Silver Spot: Positioned after the DCM closing ident, and just before the start of the trailers

Bronze Spot: A premium fixed position at the very end of the main ad reel just before the closing DCM ident

For interest in any of the above premium positions, please speak to a member of the DCM sales team who will clarify costs and availability. Contact us here.

Can I still target the cinema audience if I don’t have an ad?

Even without an on-screen ad you can still capitalise on the many touchpoints throughout the consumer’s cinema journey:

  • Sampling
  • Digital 6 Sheets
  • Live ads
  • Sponsorship
  • Exhibitor website

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What if my campaign fails to deliver?

All attempts will be made to ensure admissions are delivered, this may include any or all of the following — opening up titles selected, broadening regions or extending the campaign.

Admissions that aren’t delivered will be banked and they will be able to be used again within a 12 month period. For further details please click here.

Is the creation of the ad included in your costs? If not, do you offer any creative services?

The creation of the ad is not included in our production costs, which are solely for the conversion of the ad to cinema format (Digital Cinema Package - DCP) and the associated distribution to cinemas.

Whilst we do not currently offer creative services in-house we can recommend suitable production companies and sound studios who’ll be able to quote for a range of creative services.

What are your time-length factors if I’m not running a 30” ad?

Cinema is in line with TV time-lengths. For more information please contact the DCM Sales team. Contact us here.

What is a DDU and a transfer fee in relation to production?

The transfer is the process of converting the ad to Digital Cinema Package (DCP) format, the industry standard for digital cinema projection.

DDU stands for Digital Distribution Unit and is the cost associated with sending the final DCP to the individual cinema screens.

How long does your production process take and what is actually involved in the DCM production process?

The standard cinema production process takes one working week. As a norm, campaigns start on a Friday as this is the start of the cinema week so lead time runs Friday to Friday. For campaigns starting on any other day of the week please speak to your DCM representative to confirm your cinema deadlines.

The cinema production process involves converting the ad to Digital Cinema Package (DCP) format, a private approval screening for the client and / or creative agency to sign off prior to distribution, and lastly distribution to cinemas as per the requirements of the campaign.

*Note that longer lead time applies for local end frame production*

How much does it cost to get a Dolby mix?

The Dolby mixing cost is not included in DCM’s production costs, and is a variable cost dependent on length and complexity.

Please speak to a member of the DCM Content & Distribution team if you require a list of recommended sound studios.

DCM can offer access to reduced rates for Dolby mixes on behalf of local advertisers who might otherwise find this cost prohibitive, for more details please speak to a member of the C&D team. Contact us here.