Picturehouse Pop Up Season 2019

    Author Phil Jones

Returning for 2019, the Picturehouse Pop Up Season is back to deliver incredible cinematic experiences in some of the most striking, beautiful and unlikely cinema locations the UK has to offer.

In 15+ sites all over the country, the Picturehouse team will be taking advantage of the glorious British summer to stage one-of-a kind cinema screening events for audiences to remember and talk about for the rest of the year.

In 2019, Picturehouse Pop Ups will be even bigger and better than before, creating an opportunity for a Headline Brand to own these incredible cinema moments.

Picturehouse is one of the UK’s most popular boutique cinema chain, trusted by over 3m people each year to curate the best and most anticipated film content in its equally stunning cinema locations.

The Picturehouse Audience:

  • Upmarket audience – 82% ABC1s
  • Generation Y cinema – 58% aged 25-34
  • Even gender split
  • Big spenders – 15% over £75k HH income

Both DCM and Picturehouse are looking to work together with a headline brand, interpreting a strong brief to create incredible themes and deliver a strong brand message within the already much loved Picturehouse Pop Up framework.

For information on how to get involved with this year’s Picturehouse Pop Up Season, speak to your DCM rep and download our deck here.

Check out a case study of Leffe's sponsorship of the Picturehouse Pop Up Season in 2016 here.