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There is only one week left to enter the DCM Awards 2018! To whet your appetite before the closing date we have been revisiting the winners from the 2017 ceremony.

For the penultimate week, we are shining the spotlight on the 'Marketing For Good' category, which recognises campaigns which have deliverd a tangible impact for good.

Last year's winner was the Movember Foundation, so let's take a look at why the judges felt this campaign created the most positive impact.



“Movember created a brave, hard-hitting film and, given the emotional impact of the AV, the social campaign was amplified to live in cinemas as a hero piece. The real life stories, screened in an entertainment setting helped make the lm the most discussed piece of content in Movember’s history.”

The Movember Foundation, primarily known for its fight against prostate cancer, wanted to raise awareness of the brand and the wider men’s health issues that it tackles, such as the prevention of male suicide. Today, too many men are taking their own lives and too often the first time anyone finds out something was wrong, is by reading a suicide note.

To help prevent male suicide, Movember created a powerful long-copy lm, ‘Suicide Notes Talk Too Late’, which features men who have had a personal experience with suicide, reading extracts from their suicide notes. The objectives were to start a discussion about why so many men are taking their own lives and to get men to talk when things are tough.

Movember worked with DCM to amplify the social campaign, primarily on Facebook, across 1,500 cinema screens across the UK for World Suicide Prevention Day. The content was subsequently picked up across the globe with news outlets in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada all sharing the story.

Most importantly, the message landed. In terms of intention to behaviour change, an impressive 67.3% of UK men surveyed identified that they were more likely to reach out when feeling down than before seeing the campaign. Movember not only got countries around the world talking about the issue, it got them talking about the solution.

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