Browse the Latest Case Studies from DCM

    Author Mia Blakeney

DCM has released seven new case studies, highlighting the success of brands using cinema as an effective advertising avenue.

Cinema’s successful reopening has encouraged big brands, including Audi, Ferrero Rocher and LG, to utilise the unique power of storytelling that the big screen offers to advertisers. Emotive campaigns with a strong message have successfully targeted specific audiences to produce positive results:

  • Automotive manufacturer Audi used cinema to engage with affluent audiences and to establish its credentials as a leader in the electric vehicle market. Results from this campaign showed that over 80% of cinemagoers are likely to consider Audi, and seeing the ad on the big screen has specifically helped drive top end consideration.
  • The iconic chocolate brand Ferrero Rocher returned to cinema advertising after a couple of years, utilising a HFSS AGP to maximise reach of its target adult audience across a strong slate of titles. Their awareness of recent advertising saw +114% uplift, and 70% of cinemagoers recalled seeing the ad recently, significantly surpassing the benchmark (44%).
  • Well-established technology brand LG was keen to engage with the highly attentive cinema audience, and utilised a ABC1 Adults and Family AGP to target audiences who visit the cinema as a group. Cinema also provided the right platform to showcase both the full 60” ad and a shorter 30” cutdown. ‘Extremely likely’ consideration increased by 81% for cinemagoers exposed to the ad, with consideration of the hero products including laptops and headphones also increasing too. 

Read more about these case studies, and new creative cinema advertising campaigns from other top brands such as Argos, Cazoo and Sainsbury’s here.

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