LG - A Smart Good Life

Sector Technology
Target Audience Adults (18+)
Package Family & ABC1 Ads AGP
Media Agency PHD
Duration 60" / 30"


  • LG is a well established technology brand but the aim of the ‘Smart Good Life’ campaign was to raise the brand’s profile and its offering of quality products for across the home. The campaign was designed to highlight how LG’s products are more accessible than ever and most importantly communicate how their lives can be enriched by LG’s technology.
  • The hero family starring in the ad are there to showcase the positive changes that consumers experience with LG’s innovations. The ad features the family using various LG products (including InstaView refrigerators, TurboWash washing machines, laptops and noise cancelling earbuds) while they perform a re worked version of the iconic ‘It’s A Hard Knock Life’ from 1976 musical ‘Annie’ with the tag line 'It’s a Smart Good Life’.


  • LG wanted to ensure the campaign was playing out in an environment where the audience was engaged and cinema provided the right platform to showcase both the full 60” ad and a shorter 30” cutdown. Alongside the highly attentive audience, cinema’s perception as a premium channel also lent itself to one of the campaign’s key objectives of increasing the brand’s premium reputation.
  • Running alongside a broader AV campaign (TV, BVOD, Social, YouTube) LG bought a ABC1 Adults and Family AGP with the campaign running in reel across films including The Addams Family 2, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Dune, The French Dispatch and Ron’s Gone Wrong.
DCM Case Study - LG