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The 2018 Digital Cinema Media Awards (DCM) are open for entry and, to countdown towards the July deadline, we are revisiting the winners from each category of last year’s awards.

The second part of our spotlight series features on the winning campaign of in the Best Use of Innovation in Cinema category.

Last year’s winner was Xbox’s Forza Horizon 3 and we look back at why the judges believed this campaign deserved to triumph over the rest of the shortlist. 


“This campaign was a media first that used the latest 4D technology to deliver a hugely entertaining and immersive ad. Xbox amplified the experience of gaming in a multi-sensory way and the execution, which could only have been delivered in cinema, absolutely fitted the ambition of the product.”

To promote Forza, a long-running franchise with nine entries in 11 years, Xbox needed to create standout in a cluttered period and totally immerse gamers in the Forza world. Cinema, like gaming, is a visual medium and has the highest reach amongst gamers – it’s their second favourite pastime. But to truly leverage this insight and hit its ambitious awareness target, Xbox needed to enter uncharted terrain...

Carat and Amplifi partnered with McCann and DCM to create the first 4DX advertising experience. 4DX augments motion picture with effects such as seat motion, wind, rain, fog and lightning. During the Forza ad, the seat motions made cinemagoers experience the thrill of the car racing up a hill or a ramp, when a car went through a puddle, water was sprayed on the audience and for the finale, the audience was held, pausing mid-jump before landing heavily with a shake to simulate the large jump and slo-mo in the footage. 

The ad really tested the limits of the cinema medium and formed the centrepiece of the campaign which was amplified by PR and through extended reach across TV, social, outdoor and display.

The results were brilliant, delivering 50% spontaneous awareness which helped Xbox beat its forecast sales target by 180%, making Forza Horizon 3 one of the best-selling Xbox exclusives ever.

Enter this year's Best Use of Innovation in Cinema category by Friday 13 July and read more about the DCM Awards.