Virgin Atlantic - I Am What I Am

Advertiser Virgin Atlantic
Audience 16-34 Adults
Sector Travel
Target Audience ABC1 Adults
Package Prem AGP
Media Agency PHD
Copy Length 60"


  • Wanting to move past the disruption from the pandemic and focus on the joy of travelling once more, Virgin Atlantic aimed to celebrate people as they are, being inclusive and showing that travelling with them is for everyone.
  • The ‘I Am What I Am’ creative perfectly captures Virgin Atlantic’s philosophy – focusing on a group of characters at an airport and on board one of its planes. From the crew, pilots and frontline staff to head office colleagues, the ad showcases and celebrates what makes each person individual. Joyously bringing to life the Virgin Atlantic ethos and showing that the company and its flights are a space where everyone is welcome and can truly be themselves.


  • Knowing that cinema can add valuable incremental reach in a highly attentive environment, Virgin Atlantic ran its campaign nationally across cinema alongside a wider campaign including TV, BVOD, Social, Online & Outdoor.
  • Virgin Atlantic bought into a Prem AGP to target an upmarket audience who would most value the brand’s premium offering, giving the campaign access to films including Top Gun: Maverick, Elvis, Where the Crawdads Sing, Bullet Train and Fisherman’s Friends.


  • Exposure to the Virgin Atlantic ad on the big screen drove significant uplifts across several important brand and key funnel metrics:

– Unprompted brand awareness: +28% uplift
– Test cinemagoers were 24% more likely to recall seeing the ad
– ‘Virgin Atlantic are always inclusive of people from all backgrounds’: +29% uplift
– ‘Virgin Atlantic are for someone like you’: +44% uplift
– Agree the ad has left them a ‘much better impression’ of Virgin Atlantic: +34% uplift
– Consideration: +18% uplift overall; +92% uplift at ‘extremely likely’ level

  • These significant uplifts demonstrate how the high-attention environment of cinema has helped deliver on key brand metrics, increasing cut through and resonance of Virgin Atlantic’s proposition and ultimately had a positive impact on top-end consideration.
DCM Case Study - Virgin Atlantic