Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - Picturehouse U25 Sponsorship

Sector Technology
Buying route Boutique Cinema Sponsorship, DCM Studios, Sponsorship
Audience 16-34 Adults
Sector Entertainment & Leisure
Target Audience 16-24s
Package Picturehouse U25 Sponsorship
Copy Length 30"

Background and Plan

  • To support the launch of the new Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung wanted to take advantage of cinema’s ability to reach young adults in an immersive and high attention environment.
  • Samsung also wanted to go beyond just a standard screentime buy and sought out a partnership opportunity that would bring them closer to their target audience. Picturehouse Under 25 proposition was the perfect fit, with Samsung being able to align its new product with an offer that gives 16-24s access to “epic entertainment at amazing prices”.
  • Across the Picturehouse estate, Samsung’s 30” copy ran in reel during across films including John Wick: Chapter 4, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, Evil Dead Rise, Fast X & The Little Mermaid. This was further supported by a co-branded trailer for the Picturehouse U25 offer that would appear later in the reel, driving frequency of the key product message, and associations were further enhanced by off-screen assets too.


Using cinema and partnering up with Picturehouse has delivered significant positive impact for Samsung both at a product and brand level across key metrics:

  • Within 3 months, over half of Picturehouse cinemagoers are already aware of Samsung partnering with Picturehouse.
  • Using cinema as part of the AV mix has helped drive awareness of the overall campaign (+17%) and cut through of the hero 30” copy, with recall 21% higher for Picturehouse cinemagoers vs. control.
  • Samsung's brand image has also seen positive movement with Picturehouse cinemagoers 31% more likely to agree they have a positive impression of the brand.
  • Using cinema has also helped Samsung land key perceptions of the Galaxy S23 Ultra as ‘high quality’ (+8%) and significant uplifts were seen on two core brand metrics: ‘Samsung is a smartphone brand I am, or would be, proud to own’(+33% uplift) and ‘Samsung is a brand I love’ (+28% uplift)
  • Consideration of Samsung has also been driven further by the cinema campaign, with a +59% uplift vs. control for being likely to consider the brand the next time they buy a phone.
DCM Case Study - Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra