RNLI - RNLI Respect the Water

Package Site by Site/Male AGP
Media Agency OMD
Target Audience 16-39 year old men
Sector Charities


RNLI launched its behavioural change campaign in 2015, aiming to halve the number of people who lose their lives in the UK and Irish coasts by 2024.

It was particularly targeting young men, and wanted to use multiple touchpoints to effectively demonstrate the dangers that water can present.

With this in mind, it aimed to give its young male audience timely and consistent prompts along their journey to the coast, hammering home its potential dangers.

Why Cinema?

•Drawn to cinema’s engaging and immersive qualities, RNLI utilised DCM’s Cinemapper tool to pinpoint cinemas near rivers and seas. Activity was upweighted in these cinemas.

•By upweighting in these coastal cinemas, RNLI were able to use a hard hitting AV creative alongside their outdoor campaign, prompting young men to think twice about irresponsible behaviour when temptation might be at its highest.


The campaign, with cinema as an integral contributor, was hailed as a significant success, delivering an uplift in total campaign awareness of 36%.

21% of 16-39 year old males were able to recall the campaign, demonstrating cinema’s efficiency in connecting with this hard-to-reach audience.

81% of people who recognized two or more elements of the campaign said they understood the dangers were relevant to them.

RNLI recognized cinema’s ability to drive important messages home to engaged and attentive audiences. Cinemapper allowed RNLI to ensure that this message was being driven home in the right place, to the right people.

This relevancy meant RNLI saw great results and delivered a strong kick-start to a ten year campaign to change behaviours. 

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