Lucozade Energy - It's On

Sector FMCG
Target Audience Adults
Package HFSS AGP
Media Agency Mediacom
Duration 30"


  • In 2022, Lucozade wanted to test out the impact of including cinema in its AV mix. Knowing it could help them increase 1+ cover (particularly among younger, affluent audiences), Lucozade wanted to see what the high attention environment could deliver in terms of cut through and brand impact.


  • Cinema was included on the plan alongside TV & BVOD with all channels running the same 30” creative to drive reach.
  • As the campaign was predominantly looking to reach a broad adult audience the HFSS AGP was the best option for maximising reach, which gave this campaign access to titles including The Batman & Uncharted.


  • Exposure to the Lucozade ad on the big screen drove significant uplifts across several key brand metrics for Lucozade:

– Lucozade ‘helps you perform at your best’: +31% uplift
– Lucozade ‘is a fun brand’: +30% uplift
– Consideration (extremely likely): +38% uplift
– Ad recall: +37% uplift

  • The results highlight how the high-attention environment of cinema has helped deliver cut-through and resonance that’s led to increased comprehension of the ad and had a positive impact on people’s impression of the Lucozade brand.
DCM Case Study - Lucozade Energy