Camden Town Brewery - Everyman Music & Film Festival

Advertiser Camden Town Brewery
Sector FMCG
Sector Alcohol
Target Audience 18-34 Adults
Package Alcohol AGP Sponsorship
Media Agency Aegis
Duration 30" Alcohol AGP; 15" co-brand trailer


  • Camden Town Brewery’s main objective in 2018 was to establish their brand as front of mind for lager consumers, and increase spontaneous awareness.
  • They were looking for a platform from which to champion their largest marketing campaign to date – ‘Hello Hells’, which looked to celebrate the moment of joy experienced with the first sip of lager after a long day.
  • Targeting ABC1 25-34s, there overarching aim was to replace the premium beer brands and become the national “brand for me”.


  • Everyman offered an opportunity for Camden Town Brewery to align with their ABC1 25-35 audience nationwide and their consumers passion points of music and art, by becoming headline partner of the Everyman Music and Film Festival.
  • At the time, the Everyman Music and Film Festival was establishing itself as a forward thinking contemporary festival, championing new film makers and artists among the ABC1 cinema environment.
  • We bought Camden’s brand ethos and personality to Everyman cinemas with branding, stocking and on-screen content present leading up to and during the festival.
Camden Town Brewery case study