UKCA launches Accessible Screenings UK

    Author Zoe Aresti

This June, the UK Cinema Association will launch an ‘Accessible Screenings UK’ database. This is the first time ever that a searchable listings database for all subtitled, audio-described and autism friendly screenings will take place in UK cinemas. 

The key objective of the website is to create a central hub for industry information and a news platform for all accessible screenings shown in cinemas across the UK. The site will be fully accessible for disabled customers and will provide the following:

  • Information on what each type of accessible screening entails; 
  • Individual profile pages setting out the access features to be found at each UK cinema;
  • A forum for customers to feedback on their experiences, whether good or bad;
  • A news page sharing all the latest information on events, screenings and news around UK cinema access and disability. 

The Association hopes that the new website will kick-start a dialogue on accessibility between the UK cinema sector, industry partners, supporting charities and disabled people. 

For information, please contact