UK Cinema Association Launches Cinema Safeguarding Campaign

    Author Tom Linay

The UK Cinema Association has today launched a campaign outlining the safeguards UK cinemas will have in place to help protect audiences as they start to open over the coming weeks and months.

While cinemas have been able to open in England since 4 July, Northern Ireland since 10 July and Scotland this week, many cinemas are choosing to open over the coming weeks and with safety concerns at the top of exhibitors' minds, the UK Cinema Association has created two informercials aimed at reassuring the public that the cinema will continue to be a safe place to enjoy a night (or day) out. The two infomercials set out the key measures exhibitors are taking and will be used alongside a host of other digital assets on cinema and industry partner websites and social media channels, as well as on the big screen itself as sites re-open.

Commenting on today's launch, UK Cinema Association Chief Executive Phil Clapp said 'we know from our own as well as other surveys that there is an overwhelming desire amongst cinema-goers to return to the cinema as soon as they can, but equally that they and others want to understand and be reassured as to the safeguarding measures that will be in place when they do. We hope that the adverts we've launched today will offer that reassurance. The steps that all cinemas will take to protect both audiences and their teams are we think the right ones to help ensure that we will be able to deliver a safe but still enjoyable big screen experience.'

Both infomercials feature the voice of DCM's Content Business Director, Tom Linay and you can see both of them below.