See The Terminator and Robocop at the Science Museum

    Author Zoe Aresti

The Science Museum will play host a special evening of iconic film to celebrate cinema at the end of March, when two of the best loved sci-fi action films of all time are screened back to back. The hard-hitting double bill will see The Terminator meet Robocop in an extension of the venue's current Robots exhibition. The films will be preceded by an introduction based on the headline: 'Could Skynet come true?'

This double bill presents arguably the two most iconic robots in screen history, beginning with James Cameron’s original 1984 thriller The Terminator, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the time-travelling robot assassin stalking the streets of downtown LA. The second film in the double bill is Paul Verhoeven’s biting 1987 satirical sci-fi classic RoboCop. Set in a dystopian future Detroit, RoboCop tells the story of a police officer killed in the line of duty, brought back to life as a chrome-plated, indestructible, cyborg crime-fighting machine.

This screening event will be introduced by Dr Emine Yilmaz, Faculty Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute and Associate Professor at UCL’s Department of Computer Science, who will examine the question 'Could Skynet come true?'

For more information and to buy tickets visit the Science Museum.