Picturehouse Outdoor Partnership

    Author DCM

In 2020, Picturehouse Pop Up becomes Picturehouse Outdoor Cinema. With a brand new team and brand new kit, this summer festival of film is back to deliver incredible moments in striking outdoor locations all over the UK.

A much loved and permanent fixture for Picturehouse audiences each summer, the Outdoor season offers brands the chance to create a number of memorable events for film lovers nationwide.

The Picturehouse Outdoor team has spent the winter months developing existing and scounting out new venues in order to deliver an even better experience for brands and customers this summer – all with the aim of bringing the magic of movies under the moonlight.

With 8 weekends booked in the regions thus far, this partnership offers brands the chance to shape this year’s Outdoor offering through exploring venues in London and further cities to suit any brand brief.

DCM has also partnered with trusted event-extraordinaires Hels Angels to help develop each event beyond the big screen, according to the partner brand(s) brief.

To download the deck and read more, visit the DCM Studios page here.