Karen Stacey Named in Celluloid Junkie’s Top 50 Women in Global Cinema

    Author Zoe Aresti

Digital Cinema Media's CEO Karen Stacey has been named in Celluloid Junkie's Top Women in Global Cinema list for 2020 for the third consecutive year, being listed in 18th place alongside Pearl & Dean's Kathryn Jacob.

The list celebrates outstanding achievements in cinema, showcasing women that have had the biggest impact on the global exhibition business.

Karen and Kathryn were praised for "working strongly hand-in-hand for the good of the whole of the industry [...] Together DCM and Pearl & Dean have helped cinema advertising scale new heights in the UK and Ireland, outpacing admissions growth. Karen and Kathryn are both equally deserving of recognition for what is together with retail the most important additional revenue stream that cinemas can rely on. (We would also like to see two male industry leaders able to put their egos aside like these ladies have proved they are capable of doing, time and time again.)"

The announcement was delayed this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but the importance of female leadership and diversity in the cinema industry is more important than ever.

Celluloid Junkie stated: “With COVID-19 shutting cinemas across the world, we are more in need than ever of innovation, strategic thinking and how necessary it has become to make hard and sometimes painful decisions. While the list was composed to recognise the talent of the previous 12 months up to the start of this year, we realise that everything that takes place now does so in the shadow of the pandemic and with an eye to a still-uncertain future.”

A female-led Selection Committee reviewed hundreds of nominations, suggestions and candidates, trying to be fair in balancing sectors, geographies and accomplishments.

The full list can be viewed here