Fantasy Film League - The Summer Edition: leaderboard update (week 9)

    Author Zoe Aresti

As we move into the month of September it’s hard to believe it’s been almost three months since DCM launched the latest iteration of The Fantasy Film League but in that time we’ve followed many twists and turns as film buffs from medialand have vied to be crowned king of the box office in the summer of ‘16.

While the blockbusters have entertained on the big screen, their opening weekend takings have been just as important as our leaderboard has taken shape each week since June. But now, just a week ahead of our winner’s quiz that will see the top 10 entrants join DCM for an ultimate showdown, it’s time to reveal the leaderboard standings before the final weekend in contention.

Currently, Martin Watchorn, of This Is Wrestling, is in first place with just over £47m followed by representatives from Savoy Cinemas, in second, and three entrants from MediaCom. But there’s just five million pounds separating the whole top ten which sets up the competition for a grandstand finish this weekend.

The final top 10 entrants, who will be revealed on Monday 5 September, will be invited to a quiz hosted by DCM next Thursday 8 September, so if you’re listed below, there’s a very good chance we’ll be in touch. Please keep the date free next week and think about a potential team that will take part in the quiz with you.

Martin Watchorn, This Is Wrestling, £47,086,958

Alex Crawford, ODEON Cinemas Limited, £46,625209

Jonathon Bitel, UM London, £46,145791

Mark Welberry, Savoy Cinemas, £45,780,944

Jake Powell, MediaCom, £45,681,371

Dan Taylor, Channel 4, £45,679,192

Jonathan Kluger, Warner Bros, £45,581,113

Helen Yerbury, Mediacom, £45,547,990

Sammy Crow, MediaCom, £45,289,824

Robin Horler, MediaCom, £45,131,280

Matt Batch, OMD UK, £45,121,086

Ambra Calvi, MediaCom, £44,980,204

Alex Facey, Target Media, £44,980,204

James MacVicar, Glasgow Film Theatre, £44,961,464

Nicholas Lee, Arts Alliance Media, £44,842,947

Paul Martin, CHI&Partners, £44,653,376

Robert Leather, Kaleidoscope Entertainment, £44,644,636

Eddie Hurst, Vue, £44,612,541

Stephen OShea, Mediacom, £44,569,640

Reham George, SMV Group, £44,497,044