Event Cinema Association announces survey

    Author Phil Jones

In partnership with UNIC and the EDCF, the ECA has launched their first ever Event Cinema survey. The purpose of this survey is to gain a better understanding on the current issues relating to the delivery and marketing of Event Cinema content across Europe and beyond. 

The results of the survey will be presented and discussed at the ECA conference in October and will be a vital piece of research to help us further improve the delivery and promotion of Event Cinema content. 

The survey is designed for all cinema exhibitors who show Event Cinema content. For multi-territory cinema sites, rhey ask that you complete separately for each territory you operate in. For national cinema associations completing the survey, please reply to the questions below for your territory as a whole.

The survey will take around 17 minutes to complete. 

All respondents who complete and submit the survey will be entered into a prize draw. Two winners will be selected, who will each win free tickets to attend the ECA conference in October 2019. To enter for the draw, please email info@eventcinemaassociation.org post completion,, stating the name of  your cinema company and the country in which you operate. 

Take the survey here.