Author Phil Jones

The deadline for entering the 2018 DCM Awards is fast approaching. We have been counting down the weeks by looking back at last year's winners and it's time to turn our attentions to the biggest prize of them all, the Grand Prix!

We are taking a look back at all previous winners of the prestigious award to provide insight into what it takes to truly triumph above all competitors and take home the grandest prize of the evening.

2017 Winner - Channel 4 Paralympics - Channel 4/OMD


“Unanimously this was the best of the best. Channel 4 tackled the notorious second album syndrome head on and OMD helped deliver a media execution that ticked every box. For a TV broadcaster with all its own inventory, this level of commitment to delivering a cinema rst and truly entertaining accessibilityshould be celebrated.”

Inspired by the shocking statistic that 67% of people in the UK felt uncomfortable talking to a disabled person, Channel 4 was determined to make the Paralympics more than just a sporting event – it was an opportunity to shift perceptions of disability.

Its commitment to make the epic long copy lm talk to everyone was inspiring. In cinema 19,000 cinemagoers with hearing loss could watch the first ever bespoke, signed and subtitled adwithin the cinema environment.

Charities and the press celebrated this approach to cinema, including David Steadman, from Action on Hearing Loss, who commented: “The creativity with which the channel tackled the production shows that accessible to all doesn’t need to
mean boring.”

As well as driving huge viewing figures for the Paralympics, the campaign also helped Channel 4 deliver on its mission to help change the nation’s attitudes towards disability for the better.

Channel 4’s brand research showed it had been inspirational and thought-provoking and 76% of Brits agreed that the Paralympics had opened their eyes to what disabled people are capable of.

As you don’t get a more emotional medium than cinema, the big screen played a big part in driving this.

2016 Winner - I Know What You Unboxed Last Summer - Three and LG/ Mindshare UK

“The campaign takes confidence in the medium to the max; cinema is the centrepiece. It also shows amazing confidence in partnerships. It’s bespoke for the medium and the ambition of the work will stay with people when they leave the cinema. The piece that wins the Grand Prix is a statement for the entire medium and that’s important. We’ve seen some brilliant work here and this is the best of the best."

When it comes to advertising on the big screen, it’s better to be big, bold and brave to communicate your cause. In Three and LG’s I Know What You Unboxed Last Summer, a four-minute branded content piece which plays on the concept of online ‘unboxing’ videos, the campaign was tough to see past, despite strong contenders, for our Grand Prix prize in 2016.

Mindshare recognised that the best place to watch a horror movie was on the big screen so when it came to placing the most epic phonetesting lm ever made there was no contest. To achieve cut-through in the loud mobile device market, the campaign ripped up the rules with a fun and entertaining play on the horror film genre fronted by a fluffy purple mascot which was hard to ignore.

Not only did cinema become the centrepiece of a wider campaign strategy for the launch, but the iconic Blair Witch theme incorporated into the creative made it overwhelmingly relevant to and entertaining for cinemagoers. At four minutes long, the work also made the most of the captive audience and collective shared viewing experience unique to cinema.

Having been given the year’s DCM Award for the Best use of cinema in an integrated campaign, the work was a worthy winner of our Grand Prix in 2016 and hopefully marks the first of many brave branded content campaigns to come.

Not only was the cinematic nature of the campaign the most relevant to the medium, the fact that sales of the LG G4 increased by over 20% shows that this brave creative andmedia investment paid off.

2015 Winner - Open Your Cities - Heineken/ Starcom Mediavest Group

“The Grand Prix is obviously hotly debated, but what tipped it for Heineken was a brilliant display of proper integration. The scale of the whole campaign was incredible and cinema was a really well-integrated part. The campaign had a truly positive e ect on the brand and brand sales. No integrated campaign should exist without cinema, as Heineken has proved!”

Heineken’s determination to demonstrate itself as a progressive, relevant and premium brand resulted in Londoners participating in a huge range of exclusive experiences across the city. Importantly, these were locally relevant, exploring the villages that make up London - from Shoreditch to Peckham and Dalston to Brixton.

With film identified as a passion point, cinemas brought a unique premium and local experience, becoming an integral part of a truly integrated campaign. In addition to the screenings, which were promoted in Metro, covered in Empire magazine and introduced on the night by Empire’s News Editor, all guests were encouraged to tweet about the lms and share their experiences via social media.

Heineken ‘Star Screenings’ had an attendance rate of 92%, while the 120” exclusive creative that aired before the screenings delivered 1,023 admissions. An additional 60” national cinema ad delivered 607,576 admissions.

Heineken also saw dramatic sales shifts over the campaign period. Volume sales grew by 14% whilst the lager category was in overall decline.

This campaign was so successful, Heineken extended the sponsorship into 2015.

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