Digital Cinema Media launches ‘Cinema Effectiveness Roadmap’ paper

    Author Mia Blakeney

DCM has partnered with leading insight consultant Anna Sampson to publish a ‘Cinema Effectiveness Roadmap’ paper designed to emphasise to advertisers how they can measure the high-impact channel and better understand the value it delivers within the media mix.

While most major advertisers now invest in the channel, the medium can continue to come up against a perceived measurement barrier among those agencies and clients adopting a ‘performance mindset’ to brand-building, where the focus is very data-driven, all about incrementality and ‘test and learn’.

DCM wants to support all customers in breaking down any effectiveness barriers they have towards cinema, to illustrate how the channel can be measured, and the metrics it can deliver successfully on.

The ‘Cinema Effectiveness Roadmap’ – available to download for free on the DCM website – lays out a clear three-stage road to cinema effectiveness:

How to get cinema on the plan

Robust evidence is clearly laid out from a range of sources including IPA TouchPoints, Ebiquity and Lumen to highlight the complementary role cinema can play within the broader AV mix, and why brands are missing out if they aren’t including cinema as part of the mix.

How to demonstrate cinema effectiveness

Providing clarity on the data and measurement options available to advertisers:

  • DCM’s Cinemapper planning tool can be used to adapt cinema campaigns to geo-target specific sites in proximity to key stores or areas of interest
  • Work with recommended partners, such as research agency Differentology, to conduct brand uplift studies to evaluate the impact of cinema on key brand metrics
  • For all campaigns, ask DCM to provide the granular ‘spot report’ which details every ad by site and showing time, and overlaid with longitude/ latitudinal and postcode. This will allow your econometrics team to better pinpoint cinema admissions delivery vs. sales uplifts

How to maximise the impact of cinema investment

Compelling case studies of successful campaigns from the likes of wagamama, Deliveroo, and IKEA highlighting how cinema can deliver on brand and sales metrics, can be used for ‘test and learn’, to launch new products and ways you can maximise creative impact in cinema.

Written by insight consultant Anna Sampson, the roadmap was developed with input from leading industry experts including Louise Cook (Managing Director, Holmes & Cook), James Dickie (Head of Research, Differentology) and Louise Twycross-Lewis (Head of Insight, PHD).

Michael Tull, Insight Director, DCM, commented:

“Advertisers with rigorous measurement mindsets such as McDonalds, Sky, and Google see cinema as a core channel so it is certainly not the case that measurement should be a barrier to investment. Cinema is an incredibly accountable channel, easily measured by brand uplift studies for the soft metrics, and DCM can provide the necessary granular ticket data needed for econometric analysis.

We hope this roadmap paper will be an invaluable source for agencies and clients to re-assure and provide clear guidance on how the impact of cinema within the media mix can be measured.”

Download the Cinema Effectiveness Roadmap.