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Over the past few weeks we have been been taking a look back at the biggest and best campaigns that DCM Studios produced in 2019.

This week, Creative Director – DCM Studios, Jeremy Kolesar tells us about one of his standout campaigns:

KFC – Bringing Chicken Town to Hollywood, and driving cinemagoers to store!

Last year, KFC and Mother released arguably one of 2019’s standout ads – Chicken Town. The ad featured the one and only Colonel Sanders cruising past the familiar range of fried chicken imitators on a London high street.

The campaign aimed to remind fried chicken lovers across the UK that – although there may be many restaurants out there that emulate and imitate – there’s only one place to get KFC’s Original Recipe Chicken: KFC.

Brokered by Blue449 and SPP in collaboration with DCM, the campaign was executed as five separate pieces of specially curated cinema content, appearing in the UK across the second half of the year and inspired by some of the most highly anticipated Hollywood films of 2019, including Godzilla: King Of The Monsters and Joker.

The 90” pieces of content featured the 60” KFC’s brand ad, followed by 30” bespoke pieces of content, created specifically for the big screen. The cinema creatives were designed to trick audiences into thinking the film is about to start, mimicking the look and feel of the upcoming feature, before revealing that it’s in fact a tongue-in-cheek imitation. 

The campaign strategy underlined that imitations will never match up to the original, both in terms of KFC’s famous recipe and when it comes to a Hollywood film. 

KFC also used Cinemapper, DCM’s cinema proximity planning tool, and DCM’s end frame technology to target audiences on a local level, with localised messages directing them to their nearest KFC restaurant.

Meghan Farren, Chief Marketing Officer at KFC UK & Ireland, said: “Everyone knows we keep our recipe under lock and key, but the real secret behind the iconic taste of KFC is that we bread our chicken by hand – all day, every day – just as the Colonel did. In each of our kitchens, our cooks invest their time, effort and skill into it… and that’s the reason you can only get KFC at KFC. We partnered with Blue449, DCM and Recipe to create content for the big screen that would cunningly engage viewers and reinforce our position as the original fried chicken brand.” 

Jeremy Kolesar, Creative Director – DCM Studios, Digital Cinema Media, added: "Just as cinematic content is continually evolving, the use of bespoke branded content is also continuing to push new ground on the big screen. Through DCM Studios we have been able to create tailored, stand-out movie-style content to engage KFC’s target audience in a fun, appealing way in cinema’s unique environment."

Watch the creative below: