Curzon Student Members Package

    Author Phil Jones

DCM is pleased to announce the Curzon Student Members Package, an opportunity for a partner to align itself with the UK’s most premium cinema brand in partnership with its student membership.

Curzon student membership is free and offers undergrads (primarily between the ages of 18-24) discounted tickets to Curzon sites, as well as access to a number of special student preview film screenings across the year.

The student membership was launched in September 2017 to great success; with over 30,000 members currently signed up, Curzon is looking to build on this base for the 2019.20 term with a wave of new initiatives.

Three-tiered package options are available for partner brands, running from September 2019 to June 2020.

Extra opportunities to reach the key 18-24 audience are available in collaboration with Curzon through Freshers Fair activity at 6 UK universities, as well as Student Film Festivals held at 5 Curzon sites across the country.

Fast Facts

  • 43% of Curzon Student members mostly go to the cinema after 5pm on a weekday.
  • 68% of student members said that the most influential factor when they’re deciding what to watch in the cinemas is still word of mouth/ recommendation from friends.
  • Fridays are the most popular day to go to the cinema, followed by Saturdays. However, Wednesdays are catching up as the most popular day to attend since Curzon launched cheap off-peak tickets

To get involved with the Curzon Student Members Package, speak to your DCM rep, and download the deck here for more information.