Critics Say Yep to Nope!

    Author Mia Blakeney

Jordan Peele’s latest blockbuster horror Nope premiered in Los Angeles last night (18 July) and has received rave reviews from critics.

With a star-studded cast, including Daniel Kaluuya (who starred in Peele’s Academy Award-winning Get Out), Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun and Brandon Perea, Nope adds some sci-fi to Peele’s famous take on horror. Set in a small town in California, siblings OJ and Emerald bear witness to a chilling discovery, which may or may not include UFOs...

Jordan Peele’s previous films Get Out and Us have already become iconic horror titles with huge successes at the box office, so it is no surprise that Nope was met with high praise following its premiere.

Nope is set to hit UK cinemas on 12 August this year and be a huge hit with the 16-34 audience. Shot with IMAX film cameras, the film is expected to perform very well on the big screen, and is estimated to deliver 1.5m admissions across the industry.

Previously, Get Out had a huge 72% 16-34 audience profile, and Us had an even bigger 81%. With such a high percentage of 16-34s, Nope is forecast to deliver 8 16-34 TVRs, which are at a major release CPT and therefore significantly cheaper than at a blockbuster CPT.

The 16-34 audience enjoy the hype and shared experience of the cinema, and are 54% more likely to enjoy seeing an advert in the cinema than on TV. Fans of horror films are also much more likely to spend time purchasing new products and brands than the average adult: they are 34% more likely to purchase when they see a new brand, and 43% more likely to be tempted to buy products seen advertised.

(Sources: CAA Film Monitor; TGI GB April 2022)

There’s still a chance for brands to get involved and target dedicated horror fans, with the Gold, Silver and Bronze spots still available. Visit the Nope film page to find out more about the audience profile and key information. Get in touch with your DCM rep today to find out more.

5* Reviews

“Jordan Peele’s Nope is his most confident, unfettered, and potentially most divisive vision yet. Swapping the exclamation marks of horror for the question marks of sci-fi, this is less about scares. With hints of Close Encounters, Jaws, and more, #NopeMovie is a real puzzlebox” tweets Simon Thompson (Forbes, Variety, Indiewire). He adds#NopeMovie is not Get Out or Us. It offers something else entirely... and a lot of it. You should experience Peele's opus on the biggest screen possible.”

Heather Wixon (Daily Dead News) also shared her thoughts on Twitter: “So #NopeMovie is absolutely phenomenal in so many ways. Perfectly blends together a sci-fi spectacle w/a story that is also something of a Hollywood reckoning & it blew my expectations away. Gorgeously shot, the sound mix is thunderous & the cast all shines. Love love loved it.”

“The most important thing you need to know about NOPE is it’s crazy different from Get Out & Us. This is Jordan Peele spreading his wings and making big budget Spielberg/esque sci-fi, but with the subtext you’d expect. Enter with an open mind and you’ll be rewarded.” tweeted Kevin Polowy (Yahoo Entertainment), later adding “I saw NOPE a week ago and I’m still thinking about it”.

Erik Davis (Fandango, Rotten Tomatoes) tweeted: “Jordan Peele’s #Nope is one of the best films I’ve watched this year! It’s frightening & ferocious, but also very funny & unlike any UFO movie you’ve ever seen. It is a wholly unique & VERY entertaining horror epic full of wild surprises & an unforgettable Keke Palmer performance”

He continued: “What I love most about #Nope is the storytelling. It’s Peele’s biggest film yet (the sound is incredible), but the story is clever & always evolving. The characters are so well written. You’re invested from the moment it starts & you’ll want to talk about it long after it’s over”

Since cinemas reopened just over a year ago, the box office has seen the huge success of films such as No Time To Die, Spider-Man: No Way Home and, most recently, the billion dollar success of Top Gun: Maverick. Directors, actors and critics alike have adamantly and excitedly claimed that films like these could only be experienced on the big screen, which audience responses and admission numbers have proven to be true.

Peele also holds this notion for Nope, telling Empire Magazine: “I wanted to make a spectacle, something that would promote my favourite art form and my favourite way of watching that art form: the theatrical experience.”