Cinemas in England to reopen from 17 May 2021

    Author Zoe Aresti

Following the latest Government announcement outlining a roadmap to ease lockdown restrictions in England, we’re pleased to announce that cinema sites are due to reopen from 17 May 2021.

DCM will therefore resume offering advertising opportunities from this date onwards. We will continue to monitor the reopening strategies of our cinemas and the subsequent admissions available and any advertisers looking to book campaigns once cinemas reopen should speak to their DCM Business Director to discuss available options.

While this continues to be a tough time for cinema, we believe cinemagoers will enthusiastically embrace returning to experience seeing new content on the big screen.

Films we can expect to see in cinemas this year include Disney’s Black WidowShang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings and Eternals as well as The Suicide SquadDuneIn The Heights, the upcoming The Matrix sequel and the highly anticipated next James Bond, No Time To Die. Download DCM’s latest film schedule here.

We look forward to welcoming audiences and advertisers back to the best seat in media and hope our industry will work together over the coming months to bounce back from these difficult times.

As a company, our proposition remains that we are Always Looking Forward and we are passionate about supporting our cinema partners across the country and send best wishes for continued safety and wellbeing to all.  

We will continue to review official guidance for the rest of the UK and will provide updates where appropriate.