Cinemas are betting on ‘magical’ experiences to rebuild after crisis

    Author Zoe Jones

In an article published on Campaign (21 July), cinema industry leaders expect the emphasis on the cinema experience to beome even more important despite the economic downturn.

"People will want to see that they’re getting something more or better for their money. There will continue to be an emphasis on that experience – people getting not just value for money but value for time," according to Phil Clapp, Chief Executive of the UK Cinema Association. 

For this reason, when Cinema First launches its upcoming marketing campaign, it plans to focus on "the magical experience of cinema", Iain Jacob, chair of Cinema First, says. 

After all, there has always been an element of cinema that is unpredictable and mysterious. An independent underdog can become a box-office hit. A unique story or performance can come out of nowhere and captivate a nation. It is that serendipitous quality that keeps some audiences coming back.