Cinema advertising ranked number one in first global ad equity study from Kantar

    Author DCM

Media Reactions, a new Kantar study, has ranked cinema advertising at number one in its new global ad equity ranking for media channels and media brands. In an incredibly tough year for the cinema industry, it’s important to know that people are so positive about cinema ads. They top the list in part because of their strengths (‘fun and entertaining’ and ’good quality’), but also because they avoid many of the pitfalls of other ad formats (‘too intrusive’, ‘dull’, ‘excessive ad volume’ or ‘excessive ad targeting’). According to the report: “We also know from effectiveness studies that while cinema as a channel is typically low reach, it is also high impact.”

One of the key findings is that the medium is part of the message: “Media is not just a numbers game. Eyeballs and cost per impression matter, but they are not the full story. Context influences people’s differing perceptions and attitudes towards different channels. And these media reactions can make or break a campaign.

“Viewers don’t necessarily love advertising, but they do have clear opinions about the formats they find more acceptable, and how much they trust ads in different environments.”

The top 5 media channels are:

  1. Cinema ads
  2. Sponsored events
  3. Magazine ads
  4. Digital OOH ads
  5. Newspaper ads

Offline channels dominate the overall ranking but while cinema, events and print are the most popular ad formats among consumers, marketers prefer TV and digital formats.

According to Kantar: “Clearly, each group is arriving at this evaluation from a different perspective, with marketers keen to deliver impactful ads, whereas consumers generally prefer an uninterrupted viewing experience. However, it seems that marketers struggle to disentangle their knowledge about media - e.g. declining print circulations - from their attitudes towards them

“Just because print audiences are shrinking doesn’t mean these ads have stopped working. When we isolate stakeholder segments, we see that marketers trust similar channels to consumers (both trust TV ads, TV sponsorship and radio ads), but marketers trust online video much more and they trust print far less.”

To download the full report click here.