CineEurope 2024 Highlights and Talking Points

    Author Mia Blakeney

CineEurope, the largest cinema convention outside of North America, took place once again in Barcelona, Spain, from Monday 17 to Thursday 20 June.

Phil Clapp and Laura Houlgatte, President and CEO of the European the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), welcomed delegates from across the continent at the opening ceremony, including DCM team members and clients.

“CineEurope offers DCM such a unique opportunity that other media providers just don’t have access to, a full look at the amazing content we have coming for the next 12-18 months. This ensures that DCM can come to market and confidently talk to clients about films that they may not have even heard of, or big films they may not have seen a trailer for yet” Barney Gibson, Business Director at DCM explains. “We also took some key agency contacts with us so they can have the first-hand experience of seeing this exclusive content and its always great to see their reactions to the slate presentations and get excited about the titles we have coming up."

The week was packed with presentations from major studios, previews of exciting upcoming titles, and insightful panels with industry experts. Here are some of highlights and key takeaways form this year’s convention:

Premium Large Formats

Premium large formats are no longer a nice to have when it comes to cinema. This year, studio leader made it very clear that major premium large formats such as Imax, 4DX, ScreenX, DBOX, ICE and Dolby Cinema are to be expected for all major blockbuster movie releases.

Advertisers are quickly realising the power that these premium large formats can bring to their campaigns, and the DCM Studios Team has been working with brands such as Sky Glass and the RAF to create truly experiential campaigns made for the big screen.

Diversity of Screen Content

The diversity of each studio’s film slate really shone through at CineEurope this year. Not only in terms of genre, but also format, origin and creative original storytelling.

“The diversity of content stood out for me” said Steven Davis, Exhibition Director at DCM. “Representation on the big screen is so important for so many reasons, not least seeing yourself represented on the big screen elevates your cinema going experience and encourages more frequent cinema going. This has been proven across the board, from IMAX to South Asian Film, Anime to Foreign Language, box office records are being broken in every genre this year.”

A Bright Future for Cinema

Coming off the huge success of Disney’s Inside Out 2, CineEurpoe 2024 kicked off with a positive atmosphere. This continued throughout the week, particularly as studios revealed more of their upcoming content for Q4 of 2024, and more to look forward to in 2025.

“Huge news for The Walt Disney Company with the successful opening of Inside Out 2, which has grossed over $1b to-date at the global box office, kicking off the week with positive emotions and optimism for the future of cinema. With the pandemic and strikes now firmly behind us, I left the conference feeling inspired and excited for the next chapter of big screen entertainment” said Alex Brooks, Business Director at DCM.

A Whole Lot Of Films To Look Forward To!

CineEurope delegates were given a first look of many upcoming films, and there’s certainly a lot to be excited about.

“For me the highlight was seeing exclusive footage from the upcoming epic Gladiator 2, and fresh of the back of the success of Inside Out 2, seeing the quality of the upcoming family friendly slate including Transformers One, The Wild Robot, Moana 2 and Minecraft” said Barney Gibson.

The upcoming family film slate holds great expectations. We’re predicting Transformers One, in cinemas 11 October, to achieve 1m DCM admissions, The Wild Robot, in cinemas 18 October, to achieve 1.3m admissions, and Minecraft, in cinemas 4 April 2025, to achieve 2.5m admissions. Moana 2 arrives in UK cinemas from 27 November, and is expected to achieve a 2.2m DCM admissions, and a massive 12 HPCH TVRs and 10 16-34 women TVRs across the industry. The gold and silver spots are still up for grabs for Moana 2, but they won’t be around for long!

Alex Brooks echoed the excitement for the upcoming Gladiator sequel: “My personal highlight was the epic extended new footage of Gladiator 2 - an inspiring performance from Paul Mescal and edge-of-your-seat action with a star-studded cast including Pedro Pascal and Denzel Washington.”

Gladiator 2 is set to be a huge hit when it arrives in UK cinemas on 15 November. We’re forecasting it to achieve 2m DCM admissions, 9 16-34 men TVRs and 8 ABC1 TVRs across the industry. All of the premium spots for Gladiator 2 have been snapped up already, but make sure to get in touch with your DCM rep for more in-reel advertising options.

For Steven Davis: “My personal choice would be Mickey 17. This looks set to be a commercial and critical hit with Mark Ruffalo and Robert Pattinson under the stewardship of Boon Jong-ho. I’m in!”

Oscar-winning director Bong Joon Ho’s Mickey 17 is expected to achieve 600k DCM admissions, and play very well with ABC1 audiences. It’s in cinemas from 31 January 2025, and all premium spots are still available.

And Content Business Director Tom Linay could not pick just one favourite! “Okay, so We Live In Time, Gladiator 2, Wicked, Paddington In Peru, Alien: Romulus, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, Blink Twice, Joker: Folie A Deux, Nosferatu, Wolf Man, The Outrun, The Substance, Twisters, Bird, Wolfs 28 Years Later, Beating Hearts, Horizon: An American Saga, Cold Storage, Hard Truths, Speak No Evil, The Wild Robot, Mission: Impossible 8, Anora, Moana 2, A Real Pain, Elio, Trap, Mickey 17, Flowervale Street and Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy are all coming to cinemas in the next 12 months and I can’t wait to see them all.”

Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy hits UK cinemas on Valentine’s Day 2025, and is predicted to achieve a whopping 3.5m DCM admissions, 18 16-34 women TVRs and 19 ABC1 women TVRs across the industry.

Get in touch with your DCM reps to be part of some of the biggest cultural moments of the next 12 months.