Channel 4’s Paralympics We’re the Superhumans gets reworked for cinemas

    Author DCM

With the Paralympic Games in full swing over in Rio, DCM and Channel 4 recently teamed up to bring the broadcaster's We're the Superhumans campaign to more of the UK cinema audience with a reworked ad for the hard of hearing.

Working with media agency, OMD, the campaign is led by a three-minute film which builds on the success of the original Meet the Superhumans film launched in 2012 for the London Games.

Four years on and the onus has been on raising awareness for the competition that follows the Olympics, this time taking place in Brazil.

The bespoke cinema version of the ad sees a man appear on-screen performing sign language as the ad plays out with subtitles also included in the creative to engage more viewers in cinemas. The execution is the latest example of how the unique, immersive cinema environment can be used.

The Paralympics launched this year with a slew of great advertising dedicated to the competition and those who compete. Maltesers and Samsung have also contributed to the cause with ads of their own (below).