BT welcomes film fans back to the cinema with powerful cinematic content series

    Author Zoe Aresti

BT has welcomed film fans back to the cinema with powerful cinematic content series to mark the launch of the UK’s first unbreakable hybrid broadband.

DCM’s creative division, DCM Studios, has announced it has partnered with BT, to deliver a bespoke content series to welcome audiences back to cinemas as they reopen across the UK today (17 May).

The cinema partnership is the latest creative activation to mark BT’s latest offering, the UK’s first unbreakable home wi-fi, which is backed up by EE, and it brings to life the frustrations of unreliable broadband in any scenario – whether you’re at home or at the cinema.

The partnership, managed by Essence and Digital Cinema Media (DCM), delivers two 60” cinema exclusive spots, both inspired by Hollywood blockbusters.

Created in partnership with production agency, Recipe, each advert opens with an iconic jeopardy scene. However, the drama onscreen soon turns to drama in the cinema, as the audience gasp, the dreaded buffering ‘wheel of death’ appearing on the big screen. Viewers see a young family in the auditorium groaning with disappointment at the wi-fi being down and their viewing experience interrupted.

The voice over says: “You wouldn’t put up with buffering at the cinema, so why accept it when your internet crashes at home? BT now offers the UK’s first unbreakable home wi-fi. It is hybrid broadband backed-up by EE’s mobile network. One day all broadband will be like this. No wonder over 88% of UK cinemas rely on BT broadband to bring the films you love to the big screen”.

The ad returns to the film, before spanning back to the cinema audience who are captivated by the action onscreen. The voice over ends with “Enjoy the film you’re really here to see”.

Pete Jeavons, Marketing Communications Director at BT & EE says: “We’re thrilled to be welcoming film fans back to cinema with our latest DCM partnership. But when it comes to movies, we believe it’s best to leave the dramatic cliff-hangers to the professionals. The “wheel of death” should not have a starring role in any film – whether you’re at the cinema or on your sofa. In our new cinema series, we’re pleased to share our latest broadband innovation, which is backed up by EE’s award-winning mobile network, offering an unbreakable connection for the moments that matter”.

Karen Stacey, CEO, Digital Cinema Media, added: “The cinema medium is finally back to deliver added value to advertisers’ media plans, offering an immersive environment, engaged and attentive audiences and the best content to align their brand messages alongside. The support of our customers over the last 14 months has been unparalleled and we’re thrilled to welcome BT back onto our screens with their latest bespoke campaign.”

Rachel Cawley, Planning Associate Director at Essence added: "The partnership between BT and DCM is built on a strong foundation, with BT broadband delivering 85% of the advertising and playlists received by the DCM estate every day. We know cinema occupies a unique position in the AV landscape and we're excited to help welcome people back into theatres with a campaign that brings Hybrid to life in ways that will challenge cinemagoers to think differently about their broadband. The Hybrid campaign will leverage premium positioning in reel for two 60” cinema specific idents across all film titles."

BT is a long-term supporter of cinema advertising. In 2020, in a media first, BT launched its first bespoke cinema activation to launch Flexible BT TV. Working in collaboration with DCM Studios and media agency Essence, BT created an award-winning activation, utilising the engaging cinema environment and its power to entertain and engage audiences to cut through with impact and increase consideration of BT’s new TV packages. Download the case study here.

Despite the drastic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the cinema sector, the perception of the cinema advertising medium has not been affected in the eyes of advertisers. BT is one of the first advertisers to show its support and confidence in the return of the big screen.

The cinema partnership series follows on from BT’s national ‘Broadband Rage’ campaign, which dramatises the unbreakable connection of BT’s hybrid broadband, the UK’s first unbreakable home wi-fi, backed up by EE’s award-winning mobile network. Created by BT & EE’s advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, ‘Broadband Rage’ is now on-air, running on TV, YouTube, Radio, Podcasts, Digital Audio, Print, Display, Social, OOH and PPC.