Box Office: The Huntsman Wins The War

    Author Zoe Aresti

The Weekend Round-up  

The Huntsman Winter’s War topped the box office, thanks to a Monday opening that delivered £1.5m in previews. It has so far banked £3m, which is not far behind Snow White and The Huntsman’s opening weekend of £3.5m, but that only had two days or previews that accounted for £976k.

Zootropolis rose to second, after easing just 14% to £2.4m. It’s now the biggest family film of 2016 to date and has banked an impressive £18.6m. After next weekend it should be very close to Disney Animation’s big title of 2015, Big Hero 6, which finished on £20.7m.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice dropped to third, after falling 51% to £2.3m. It has now banked £33.3m and it’s £4.4m behind Deadpool, so it’s going to be close to see if it can become the biggest superhero film of 2016 to date. 

Eddie The Eagle dropped to fourth but had a terrific hold, falling just 18% to £1.3m. It has now grossed a healthy £5.7m and has overtaken Sunshine On Leith’s final total of £4.6m to be director, Dexter Fletcher’s best performing film.

Kung Fu Panda 3 completed the top five, also having a strong hold, falling 18% to £628k. That brings its total to £12.8m.

Outside of the top five, Midnight Special opened in sixth with a mildly disappointing £497k (including £31k from previews), while ultra-violent first person shoot-em-up, Hardcore Henry, opened in tenth with £202k. 

Overall the box office was down 15% from last weekend and down 10% from the same weekend last year when the top four films were Fast & Furious 7, Cinderella, Home and The DUFF.

Next Weekend

The Jungle Book is out on Friday and has been receiving rave reviews. It currently has a score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes from 19 reviews, so it looks like we could have a big hit on our hands.

Eye In The Sky stars Helen Mirren as Col. Katherine Powell, a military officer in command of an operation to capture terrorists in Kenya, who sees her mission escalate when a girl enters the kill zone triggering an international dispute over the implications of modern warfare. It has a solid score of 73 on Metacritic and features one of Alan Rickman’s final performances.

Criminal is a high concept thriller with a punchy cast, including Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Ryan Reynolds, Tommy Lee Jones and Gal Gadot. Costner plays a dangerous convict who has the memories and skills of a deceased CIA agent implanted into his consciousness. Unsurprisingly it doesn’t go to plan.

The Buzz

Captain America: Civil War had its first screening in Los Angeles on Friday and the first responses have been pretty gushing. Steven Weintraub of Collider said it’s a ‘Barry Bonds steroids hitting home-run by Marvel & Russo Brothers’, Germain Lussier, of io9 and formally of Slash Film, said it’s ‘a complex mystery posing as a big, fun superhero film. Lots of themes and emotions. Very unexpected & VERY good’. Everyone was in agreement too that Spider-Man steals the show, Russ Fischer of The Playlist said ‘The Spider-Man is SPECTACULAR’. For a full summary of responses, go here. It’s out in the UK on 29 April.

Across The Pond

In an exceedingly close race, Melissa McCarthy's comedy The Boss came out on top with $23.6m. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice fell 55% to $23.4m in second and after three weekends is now up to $296.6m. Zootopia had another strong hold, adding $14.3m for a hugely impressive cume of $296m. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 added $6.5m in fourth and is now up to $46.8m. Hardcore Henry completed the top five, opening with $5.1m.

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