Box Office: Inside Out 2 Continues to Astound

    Author Mia Blakeney

Box Office Round-up

Inside Out 2 stayed in the top spot with a terrific second weekend, falling just 31% to £7.8m. That takes its total after 10 days in cinemas to £23.3m making it the second biggest film of 2024 already, and with the school summer holidays still four weeks away, there’s a whole lot more to come from the Pixar juggernaut. In terms of post-Covid Pixar, it has already surpassed the final total of last year’s Elemental (£18.6m). In terms of all-time Pixar, it looks like Finding Dory (£43m) and Toy Story 2 (£44.3m), the fifth and fourth biggest Pixar films, will be surpassed so it’s whether it can get to Incredibles 2’s £56.2m, which is currently the third highest grossing Pixar film, behind Toy Story 3 (£66.2m) and Toy Story 4 (£74.1m).

The Bikeriders made an encouraging start, opening with £1.1m (including £9k from previews). In terms of comparisons, director Jeff Nichols has made a career out of chronicling Americana (Mud, Take Shelter, Loving), and this has opened with by far his biggest opening ever. His most successful film in the UK is 2016’s Midnight Special, which finished on £1.2m, so The Bikeriders has almost surpassed that in three days.

Bad Boys: Ride Or Die came in third, adding £1m, a drop of 46% from last weekend, which takes its total to £9.1m. It has now overtaken Bad Boys 2 (£8.7m) to become the second highest grossing film in the series. Bad Boys For Life (£16.2m) is too far in front to be surpassed though.

Event cinema is back in the top five and takes spots four and five with Doctor Who – The Two Episode Finale in fourth with £364k, and Ghost: Rite Here Rite Now – a concert film of the Swedish rock band, opened in fifth with £283k.  

Outside of the top five, two horror/thrillers opened in the lower reaches of the top 10. Russell Crowe possession horror The Exorcism opened with £146k (including £25k from previews) in ninth, while Something In The Water opened in 10th with £120k.

Next Weekend

A Quiet Place: Day One is the prequel to the hugely popular sci-fi thriller and set on the first day that the aliens arrive on earth. Lupita Nyong’o and Joseph Quinn star and it’s in cinemas on Thursday.

Kinds Of Kindness is the second film this year from Yorgos Lanthimos (Poor Things). A man seeks to break free from his predetermined path, a cop questions his wife's demeanour after her return from a supposed drowning, and a woman searches for an extraordinary individual prophesied to become a renowned spiritual guide. Emma Stone, Jesse Plemons and Margaret Qualley star.

Horizon: An American Saga is Kevin Costner’s latest western.  It chronicles a multi-faceted, 15-year span of pre-and post-Civil War expansion and settlement of the American west. Costner, Sienna Miller and Danny Huston star.

The Buzz

Paddington In Peru is the third film in what could become the greatest cinematic trilogy of the 21st century. This time around the story follows Paddington and the Brown family as they visit Aunt Lucy in Peru, but a mystery sends them to the Amazon rainforest and up Peruvian mountains. Ben Whishaw returns to voice Paddington and this time around he’s joined by Olivia Colman as a guitar-playing nun, and Antonio Banderas as not one, not two, but six characters. It should be one of the biggest films of the year, and is perfect for any brand looking to reach an upmarket audience in the run-up to Christmas. It’s in cinemas from 8 Novembe.

Across The Pond

Inside Out 2 stayed in the top spot with a huge $100m, the biggest second weekend for an animated film of all-time. In just two weekends in cinemas it’s up to $355.2m. Bad Boys: Ride Or Die stayed in second, adding $18.8m, which takes its total to $146.9m. The Bikeriders opened in third with $10m, while The Garfield Movie came in fourth, adding $3.6m for a new total of $85.1m. Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes rounded out the top five, adding $3.6m for a new total of $164.4m.