Box Office: Creating a Sci-fi Box Office Success

    Author Mia Blakeney

Box Office Round-up

Gareth Edwards’ sci-fi picture The Creator took the top spot at the UK box office with a 3-day weekend of £1.8m, but including previews brought its total to £2.2m. The sci-fi epic was well received by its audience, achieving 4 stars and a 93% Total Positive score. 52% of the audience would Definitely Recommend the title to their friends, while 91% stated that it either met or exceeded their expectations.

The tenth instalment in the Saw film series Saw X opened at no. 2 with £1.9m. This is ahead of the opening of the prior two instalments, 2021’s Spiral: From The Book Of Saw (£782k) and 2017’s Jigsaw (£1.8m). In the PostTrak exit poll, the horror picture received a 4.5-star rating and a 94% Total Positive score; this is well above the average Horror genre norm scores of 3 stars and 69% Total Positive. 80% of the audience said they’d seen previous films in the series, while 28% cited the franchise as the main reason for attending, second only to the genre/type of film with 33%. 

After holding the top spot for two consecutive weekends, A Haunting In Venice moved to no.3 with £1m, a drop of only 32%. Kenneth Branagh’s latest Poirot adventure has grossed £6.7m to date and is tracking 5% ahead of his previous instalment Death On The Nile at the same point of release (£6.4m).

Previewing at no.4 this weekend was Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie with £1m from Saturday/Sunday. The animated title will continue previewing this coming weekend, ahead of its official opening on 13th October. The highest opening in the animated franchise was achieved by 2021’s The Paw Patrol Movie (£2.4m), which went on to a lifetime of £8.7m. 

The Nun 2 moved to no.5 with £418k, a drop of 41% in its fourth weekend. Michael Chaves’ horror sequel has a current total of £5.8m, tracking 24% behind The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It at the same point of release (£7.7m).

The Equalizer 3 was at No.6, grossing a further £323k in its fifth week of release, a drop of 40% from last weekend. With a total to date of £7.8m, the action sequel is now the highest-grossing title in the franchise, overtaking the lifetime grosses of both The Equalizer (£6.8m) and The Equalizer 2 (£7.5m).

Ivo van Hove’s West End theatre adaptation of the hit novel A Little Life placed at no.7, with a 4-day total of £876k.

Expend4ables took No.8 with a drop of 63% from its opening weekend, adding a further £283k for a total to date of £1.4m.

The overall box office is 38% up from last weekend.

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