Awards Season Sponsorship 2021-22

    Author Zoe Aresti

Each year, as we enter October, the world of film shifts from its latest run of mega-budget blockbusters and child-friendly animation towards releasing some of the more artistic and thought-provoking titles the industry hopes to win awards with between January and March.

Consequently, the make-up of the cinema audience shifts to reflect the content shown on screen each year, delivering a more premium ABC1 audience.

The Awards Season Sponsorship offers exclusive opportunity to become synonymous with this year’s greatest content and the upmarket audience that consumes it.

Synergy is driven through carefully selected films that industry insiders are tipping for awards glory come ceremony time in 2022.

DCM Studios can work with brands and their creative agency to either evolve existing or create entirely new content that both engages and excites audiences before these incredible films begin.

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