Author Phil Jones

The Digital Cinema Media Awards 2019 are now open for entries and, as Friday's deadline for submissions approaches, we've decided to take a look back at the best and brightest of last year's work to get you inspired about the competition that honours and celebrates the best in cinema advertising.

The next category to get the spotlight treatment is Best Use of Cinema (Small).

Last year’s winner was ‘Driving Footfall from Your Foyers to Bars’ by Kopparberg Goodstuff - let's look back at why the judges believed this campaign deserved to triumph over the rest of the shortlist. 


“The smart planning and rigour of this campaign was obvious and cinema’s role sang through. It used all the right touchpoints,with good integration of technology to join the story together and truly tackle a business challenge. The results delivered are outstanding for a small campaign.”

Through its first on-trade brief, Kopparberg wanted to drive footfall to the UK’s largest pub owner, Mitchell & Butlers (M&B), delivering a short-term direct response that complemented its long-term brand building communications strategy.

By studying the bar journeys of M&B customersand Kopparberg drinkers, Goodstu identified cinema as the best place to reach this audience. By combining the brand-building power of hand-picked cinemas with the response driving ability of mobile, the target audience could be givena nudge to share a few Koppabergs with their mates or significant others after the movie.

Using DCM’s localisation planning system, Cinemapper, the 60” brand creative was combined with a dynamic 10” bumper to deliver a local call to action. DCM also partnered with Weve, providing the longitude and latitude of all screenings with spot delivery schedules to ensure the mobile voucher message landed at exactly the right moment and location to direct them to their nearest pub.

The campaign delivered an incremental 23,096 customers to M&B venues, with audiences exposed to the ads being 33% more likely to visit a participating pub. Cinema also delivered on Koppaberg’s wider objectives, helping it become the number two for 18-24s in terms of penetration across the alcohol category, just after Smirnoff.

The client and M&B stakeholders were so pleased with the approach that the campaign is currently being used as a best in class example for supplier collaboration.

Enter Best Use of Cinema (Large) category and read more about the DCM Awards here.