Ubisoft - Far Cry 5

Sector Technology
Sector Gaming
Target Audience 16-34 Men
Package Film Packs
Media Agency Wavemaker
Creative Agency DDB
Duration 30" or 4x5" Blips + 30"


In 2018, Ubisoft launched its latest instalment of the Far Cry franchise – a first player shooter game.  Amongst stern competition from a wide range of publishers Ubisoft needed the launch campaign for Far Cry 5to drive awareness, message takeout and ultimately purchase intent.


  • Cinema’s young, male and highly engaged audience made it a brilliant fit for Ubisoft – it is the ultimate immersive environment. Moreover, cinema provided Ubisoft with a brilliant opportunity to increase the impact of its campaign by aligning Far Cry 5 with similar entertainment content and engaging cinema trailers. 
  • Ubisoft’s cinema campaign was twofold.  Firstly, they ran a standard 30” solus copy in Cineworld screenings of Tomb Raider but wanted to take a different innovative approach for the rest of the campaign.  Before screenings of Ready Player One, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and Tomb Raider in other cinema chains, Ubisoft ran 4x5” blips at various points in reel preceding the 30” ad.  Ubisoft wanted to measure the effectiveness of using short blips before a 30” advert, hoping to increase the impact and recall of the 30” ad and the campaign as a whole. Each blip contained no branding but a 5” live-action replication of the story mode; they teased at the storyline and intrigued the audience, drawing their attention before the 30” ad.  
  • The 30” ad put the gamer in the game, featuring real-life actors replicating the Far Cry 5 story mode.  The ad aims to give audiences a taste of the game world (where it is set, who the characters are, what may happen in the storyline) in a unique, engaging, cinematic environment.