Save The Children - Censored

Sector Charity
Target Audience ABC1 Adults
Package AGP & Silver Spots (King of Thieves, The Predator)
Creative Agencies adam&eveDDB
Media Agency the7stars
Duration 60"


  • Save The Children are a leading children’s charity operating in 120 countries across the world.  The charity strives to help in child protection, poverty, rights and education. Its new ‘Censored’ ad specifically focuses on raising awareness of children growing up in war zones/conflict and the life-changing work the charity does for them. 
  • The emotive ad follows two Syrian children who are affected by a bombing and highlights the role Save The Children play in helping these children in protected camps, provided and managed by Save The Children volunteers. 
  • The ad censors out the horrific post-bombing imagery and the ad’s strapline ‘children in war zones see things nobody should’ cleverly highlights how the children growing up in these areas of conflict aren’t so fortunate to be shielded from the horrors.


  • Save The Children launched the ‘Censored’ ad across TV and online with cinema playing an important role for the charity. Cinema’s immersive viewing environment and low ad avoidance made it the perfect environment for an ad that contained limited dialogue and instead relied on its striking visuals and bold sound to communicate its emotional messages. 
  • Across the month the ads played before a range of films including silver spots in ABC1 adult skewing titles King of Thieves and The Predator. Capturing audience attention in reel and driving understanding of the ‘Censored’ concept the ultimate aim of the cinema activity was to drive impact, awareness and recall.


Running its emotive ‘Censored’ ad in cinema helped Save The Children drive significant uplifts in brand and ad awareness,increase campaign cut through, land key brand perceptions, and increase audience consideration to donate in the future amongst the upmarket, affluent cinema audience 

Save The Children