Paco Rabanne - Invictus & Olympéa

Advertiser Paco Rabanne
Sector Health & beauty
Buying route Film Packs
Sector Cosmetics & Personal Care
Target Audience 16-34s
Package Film Pack (Avengers: Endgame)
Creative Agencies VMLY&R
Media Agency Starcom
Duration 45"


  • After successfully launching in 2013 and 2015 sales of the Invictus and Olympéa had begun to plateau in the last 12 months. 
  • The fragrance category was in growth and Invictus/Olympéa was losing share of voice to its competing fragrances. With the upcoming launch of two ‘Legend’ edition fragrances, Paco Rabanne wanted to make a big splash and reinvigorate the Invictus/Olympéa brands.


  • Paco Rabanne wanted to recruit a younger consumer into the brand and whilst looking to retain the brand’s integrity felt it needed to act differently to category norms to truly engage with the 16-34 audience. Fragrance creatives can be perceived to be cliched and inauthentic and so to create hype around the launch it wanted to truly entertain audiences and connect with a Hollywood blockbuster.  
  • The new Invictus and Olympéa fragrances were due for release on the same date as major 16-34 blockbuster Avengers: Endgame providing a timely thematic fit with the new ‘Enter the Legend’ copy. Rather than just running the TV ad in cinema, Paco Rabanne wanted to maximise the impact of the cinema environment and really capitalise on what a key cultural moment Avengers: Endgame was for its target audience. 
  • Working with DCM Studios, a contextually relevant Avengers-themed ident was created that featured the Invictus and Olympéa brand ambassadors alongside famous Marvel legends including Iron Man, Hulk and Thor. This ran alongside the main ad to help connect the campaign to the film and drive stand out in the reel. 
  • A 4DX version of the campaign also ran in Cineworld to futher immerse the target 16-34 audience in ad with synchronised movements, smells and special effects.
Paco Rabanne