Columbia Records - First Aid Kit - Ruins

Sector Entertainment & Gaming
Buying route Film Packs
Audience ABC1 Adults
Sector Entertainment & Leisure
Target Audience ABC1 Adults
Package Film packs
Media Agency the7stars
Copy Length 30"


Following a worldwide platinum selling debut album, First Aid Kit were returning with their second album Ruins. Having built up a cult fanbase and a strong live presence the aim was to break the album comfortably into the UK’s Top 10.


  • As a folk band, First Aid Kit fans tend to be ABC1 25+ with a penchant for indie consumption across their whole culture repertoire, not just music. Serendipity dictated that the release of Ruins coincided with cinema’s Awards Season.
  • Using cinema in the mix (alongside a podcast campaign with Acast) by targeting arthouse cinemas would help the band connect with a discerning, affluent audience who had gone to see critically-acclaimed awards contenders including Lady Bird, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri & The Shape of Water. 
  • Having established themselves as a live act the campaign needed to encapsulate this and what makes the band special – their unrivalled harmonies – to connect with potential fans. To ensure that their harmonies were captured in full, Zylia was used – a state of the art microphone that allows you to record entire ‘sound scenes’ with only one microphone.
  • The 360 degree creative featured the two sisters singing an acoustic version of their song ”Fireworks”, whilst walking around the Zylia microphone. The sister’s motion was captured simultaneously: visually by the camera and audibly by the microphone.
Columbia Records - First Aid Kit case study