Coach Fashion - Blipverts and Exclusive Events

Sector Retaill
Target Audience Christmas Consumers
Duration 16 Nov - 23 Dec
Package Film Pack


  • Coach NY fashion wanted to engage with potential consumers in the 6 weeks lead up to Christmas, promoting their Brand Ambassador Selena Gomez and the Coach Winter Holiday collection. 
  • Their christmas creative was playful, bringing to life each of the brand’s animal mascots in an audition to ‘make’ the Holiday window display.


  • Coach playfully utilised the big screen by running blipverts in reel, creatively placed to showcase the tongue in cheek nature of the advert and provide cut through in a highly competitive retail market.
  • In addition to screen time, Coach launched the campaign with a luxury cinema event for journalists and influencers at The Electric Portobello, as well as a consumer facing event at Everyman Baker St. 
  • For both events, guests were treated to A VIP experience including canapes, champagne, goody bags featuring exclusive merchandise, and a screening of a Christmas classic (Elf screened at The Electric Portobello, and Home Alone at Everyman Baker St).
  • To promote the event at Everyman Baker Street, dedicated e-shots and newsletters were curated and sent to targeted segmentations of the Everyman database, reaching over 85,000 recipients in a drive to raise awareness of the event and campaign.
Coach Case Study