The bigger picture: Higher impact, higher engagement.

Our latest research has provided new evidence into the unique power of cinema advertising. The study, conducted by Hall & Partners and launched in November 2014, proves that cinema advertising is processed by the brain more consciously, explaining why cinema is such a powerful, emotionally engaging medium for brands in today’s changing media landscape.

The findings revealed that cinema is triggering advertising responses in a very different way to other media, particularly TV: 

  • 8x Cinema advertising is 8x more effective at making your brand stand out from the crowd than TV.
  • 4x Cinema audiences are 4x more likely to be emotionally engaged than a TV audience.
  • 3x If you show people an unbranded still from an ad, 3x as many cinemagoers will actually recall which brand it is for when compared with TV viewers.
  • 2x Those exposed to ads in the cinema are 2x as likely to recall a brand compared to TV.

To find out more download our full pdf or contact our Insight team.