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Cinema Advertising Complaint

If you wish to comment or make a complaint regarding a Cinema advertisement, please contact the Cinema Advertising Association

Audio Complaint

Whilst there is no statutory standard for exposure to noise in a cinema theatre - and the setting and maintenance of appropriate volume levels is the responsibility of each cinema operator - all tend to use the criteria specified in the Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (which established guidelines for noise exposure for employees) as an authoritative guide.

These regulations ensure that the film, advertisements and trailers are not played at above 85dB(A) for any significant period of time. This is significantly below the levels set out in the 2005 Regulations and certainly below the level at which there will be any health issues.

In addition the advertising content produced and supplied to cinemas by DCM undergoes a strict pre-checking process via Dolby to ensure compliance to the regulation levels for cinema advertisements specifically.

Cinemagoers experiencing discomfort as a result of the noise levels within a cinema theatre should let a member of staff know.

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