We work with cinema owners across the UK to provide you with advertising opportunities before, during and after the movie experience.

  • 80% of admissions (128m)

  • 74% of UK screens (2,853)

  • 61% of UK cinemas (462)

The UK is a leading player in a highly competitive global industry with a film industry turnover in excess of £7bn in 2012, up from £2bn in 1995. Film exhibition, as the cinema sector is known, accounts for 18% of this total reaching more than £1.3bn in 2012, up a massive 302% between 1995 and 2012*. This covers 750 cinema sites, around 3,800 screens and some 800,000 seats across the country.

DCM is a major supporter of the UK cinema industry through its work with the CEACAA,CTBFMediCinemaSAWABAFTA and the BFI.

*Source: BFI Statistical Yearbook, 2014.