In a multi-screen, multi-platform world of content and chaos, you still can't beat the big screen for sheer impact and scale.

Cinema has always been the most entertaining and emotional medium – that’s why, even in the age of on-demand and free streaming, people still reach for their wallets and make appointments to be told big cinematic stories.

The very best acting, writing, directing and storytelling talent is served to these paying guests through cutting-edge technology that enhances the creative content, be that 3D, 4D, Higher Frame Rates (HFR) or Dolby Atmos.

The big screen is the ultimate destination for creative expression – and while we can’t hope to replicate the cinematic experience here, we hope some of our latest campaigns, together with D&AD award-winning work and our Inspired by Film programme, inspire you to create your big screen masterpiece.

Latest creative ad campaigns.


DCM has partnered with D&AD to create and curate a bespoke ‘Inspired by Film’ programme. Working together to produce, collate and commission content from inside and outside the film and advertising communities, we are showcasing creative excellence, accessible filmcraft techniques and provoking conversation around film and the role and influence it has on the creative industries.

This ‘Inspired by Film’ content includes a deep dive into D&AD’s box of Yellow Pencils to look at award-winning title sequences, Q&As with directors working across advertising and film and a series of upcoming features exploring the anatomy of a scene, the art of trailer-making and the craft elements of film from lighting, to sound to new technological innovations in film and the cinema environment.

The partnership also sees DCM support the D&AD New Blood Awards and the D&AD Professional Awards, together with ad hoc events throughout the year.

New Blood Awards 2014.

This year DCM joined forces with D&AD to discover and foster new talent through the D&AD New Blood Awards 2014.

From Pencils, to placements, to seeing your work on supermarket shelves, winning a D&AD New Blood Award puts you on the path to the brightest of creative futures. Whether you’re a copywriter or photographer, a digital specialist, product designer or something in-between – there’s a category for everyone.

DCM provided a brief to budding creatives: show the emotion of film. Entrants to the awards were asked to create a 25 second ident for DCM, which needed to visualise emotion, literally showing how film feels. The DCM ident is one of the first and last things that people see when going to watch a film.

It needs to set the scene and have an impact. Something that illustrates and celebrates the emotion we all feel when we take our seats and enter the magical world of the movies.

Other brands providing briefs for this year’s D&AD New Blood Awards 2014 included asos, Nokia, Sky, The Body Shop, Unilever and WPP.

At an awards ceremony held in East London on 3 July 2014, 32 Yellow Pencils and one White Pencil were awarded to students from the UK, USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Singapore and South Africa at the annual D&AD New Blood Awards 2014.

D&AD Professional Awards 2015.

The annual D&AD Professional Awards are highly respected and regarded as a major event in the world of design and advertising. This year, Digital Cinema Media sponsored the Branded Film Content and Entertainment Categories as part of the ongoing ‘Inspired by Film’ partnership between D&AD and DCM.

Five kinds of awards are given out, the Wood, Graphite, Yellow, White Pencils and the coveted Black Pencil, in various categories ranging from spatial design to book design and art direction. The Black Pencil is given for ‘outstanding’ work and usually only one or two are given out each year. This year five Black Pencils were awarded, with the Judges awarding a record total of 848 Pencils.

There were 47 winners in the DCM sponsored Branded Film Content and Entertainment Categories, with seven Yellow Pencil winners, including work from all over the world.

Click here to find out more about the D&AD Professional Awards 2015.

Inspired by film.

Be it a source of entertainment or a medium for education, film’s visual basis gives it a universal power of communication that transcends far beyond the silver screen. The process of filmmaking is both an art and an industry, simulating experiences that communicate ideas, stories, perceptions and emotions.

DCM and D&AD are working together to take a closer look at the influence of film on advertising and the continued importance of the cinema experience for brands and filmmakers alike. We've curated a selection of our Inspired by Film content but you can browse more at D&AD's Inspired by Film content hub.